Mind Lab by Unitec at MOTAT

The Mind Lab Experience is at MOTAT from April 2018! 

Add something special this to your educational experience with The Mind Lab by Unitec Experience, offering learning experiences that support the development of the next generation of makers, doers, inventors and creators who will shape the future with new ways of working, thinking and living.  

Mind Lab core philosophy 

The Mind Lab by Unitec formed in 2013 with a mission to encourage young students to get excited by science and technology. We look at new ways of learning and collaborating whilst using digital to extend students’ knowledge. We encourage children to enquire, investigate and experiment through hands-on creative learning methods. Our core philosophy celebrates learning through failure, learning by doing, and empowering young people to lead their own educational journeys. 

Key competencies

After a visit to The Mind Lab by Unitec at MOTAT your students will develop technical skills and key competencies as they learn through collaborative and creative challenges that encompass:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Mathematics

 Learning by doing

The Mind Lab by Unitec school group sessions are generally investigative, open-ended and multidisciplinary, however we also provide sessions that link directly to the New Zealand National Curriculum (NZC).

While you may choose to set your students a robotics challenge, you could also choose a session related more specifically towards light energy, forces, the human body, measurement, technological systems etc. All sessions involve hands-on, active learning experiences where students learn through doing and where discovery and creativity are actively encouraged.


The Mind Lab by Unitec now also runs its great Tech Toolbox and school holiday programmes from MOTAT.