Visitors with Impairments

General Information

Standard MOTAT policy is to allow visitors with impairments and their caregiver free general admission entry to the Museum during standard days and times of operation.  MOTAT is accessible by car, taxi or by public transport and you can use mobility parking at both of the MOTAT sites at Great North Road and Meola Road. Guide dogs are welcome on both sites.  

The following information will help you plan your trip and make your experience the best possible. 

Individual Visits

You can visit MOTAT individually without prior booking. If you would like to make use of the mobility parking at MOTAT Great North we require some advanced notice by calling our friendly team on 09 815 5800 for further information. They will arrange for someone to meet you and provide parking instructions.

Group Visits

If you are visiting MOTAT as a group, we request that you get in touch to make a booking before you visit.  Our team is very happy to meet and greet your group upon arrival on the day of your visit and will provide you with information to ensure you get the most out of your MOTAT experience.

Please contact bookings by calling 09 815 5808 or email our bookings team.

Wheelchair Accessibility

A large number of MOTAT’s public areas are accessible, but as MOTAT operates as a working museum not all areas are fully accessible.  All exhibition and display spaces have power assist doors or wide entrance spaces, and access to the mezzanine at the Aviation Display Hall at MOTAT Meola Road is available by elevator.

Areas with access include exhibition and display spaces, the MOTAT Shops, Araroa Tearooms and public restroom - access to café is through the front only. Only MOTAT trams with wide doors (such as the Melbourne trams) can accommodate wheelchairs and a caregiver must be available to lift visitor onto the tram.

Areas with restricted access include:

  • Upper half of Pumphouse
  • Band Rotunda
  • School House, Prison Cells, Chapel and a couple of the cottages in the Village
  • No access to upper half of the Explorium
  • Recommend not using walkway beside the K900 due to the hill, instead go around beside 1920’s shops and through Staff Car park

We provide accessible toilet facilities at both MOTAT sites and the locations are shown on the map in the MOTAT visitor guide.

We have a limited number of wheelchairs which are available for use during your visit so please get in touch before your visit for more information.

Mobility Parking

Mobility parking is available at both sites. Mobility parking at MOTAT 1 (Great North Road) is available within the MOTAT gates and visitors will need to pre-arrange access by calling our helpful staff on 09 815 5800.