Tui Beer Commercials

The Tui Beer team came to MOTAT after a search to find a suitable location to feature as the brewery on the Tui television commercials.

The historical MOTAT Pumphouse was ideal as it was opened in a similar era as the real Tui Brewery in Mangatainoka.  It was important for the Tui team to find a location that would fit in with the Tui brand story and align this with the origins of Tui Beer, which can be traced back to 1889.  

The MOTAT team worked with the filming company to ensure that all location requirements were met including the installation of a false brickwall and gates in the courtyard alongside the main entrance building; this was done without any permanent modification to the site (an important requirement when filming MOTAT artefacts).

Filming in 2006 for the commercial “Tui – A River Runs Through It”  was followed with the filming of “Gorgeous Woman” in 2008.

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