Film & Photography

MOTAT is place with many rare and unique collection treasures and we regularly receive requests for filming and photography for commercial, private and historical purposes. These are accommodated where operationally possible.

Generally, photographs taken for personal use do not require permission from MOTAT, though if the video or photographs are going to be uploaded onto a website, blog or similar, then permission from MOTAT must be sought. If you are unsure whether you need permission, please get in touch and we will assist you.

Our professional staff can assist you with your query and in the first instance please ensure you provide proposed dates/times and any specific requirements in the Film Application form when submitted. Our events team or marketing team will get in touch to progress your request further.

Should you wish to film or photograph for commercial purposes (this includes all non-personal and non-media related requests), whether this is an onsite shoot at any MOTAT site or of a specific museum artefact, a brief overview of the booking process is below.

Booking Process

  1. Film/photo enquiry is made via application form which outlines proposed dates/time for shoot and email a copy 

    Download the Filming Application Form 

  2. MOTAT to check availability to make sure we can accommodate request
  3. Site visit if required
  4. MOTAT to provide confirmation of availability and any hire costs
  5. Filming agreement provided that outlines requirements
  6. MOTAT makes arrangements for day proceeding of filming
  7. You will be met by MOTAT staff on the day and will be taken through the rules. Confirmation will be made that all paperwork is signed and both parties have copies.

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A sample of filming and photography can be viewed below: