Privacy Policy

MOTAT is committed to protecting the privacy of its Visitors and operates in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

MOTAT may collect personal information, including your:

(a)       name;

(b)       contact information;

(c)       date of birth;

(d)       location; and

(e)       billing or purchase information.

(together, Personal Information)

MOTAT may use Personal Information about you in order to:

(a)       positively confirm your identity;

(b)       sell you the correct types of Tickets and products, and in order to offer you special offers relevant to you;

(c)       provide you with information you have requested;

(d)       carry out day to day business; and

(e)       send you information which may be relevant and of interest to you.

Personal Information is voluntarily provided by Visitors, however the provision of some Personal Information is required to sell Visitors specific Tickets and/or products.

MOTAT will take reasonable steps to ensure personal information is protected against misuse.  Access to personal information is restricted to relevant MOTAT staff.

MOTAT will not disclose any Visitor’s personal information (including name and date of birth, as supplied for relevant Ticket purchases) to any third parties, unless it is required to do so by law or where MOTAT believes that, in good faith,  such action is necessary to comply with, a court order, or where disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to public health or public safety, or the life or health of an individual.

By attending MOTAT or any Event, Visitors consent to being photographed, filmed and recorded and for any photographs or videos to be used in MOTAT promotional materials.

Visitors have the right to ask for a copy of any Personal Information MOTAT holds about them, and to ask for it to be corrected if they think it is wrong. 

Requests for information or a correction regarding Personal Information held by MOTAT should be directed to:; or

PO Box 44-114
Pt Chevalier
Auckland 1246