The Mind Lab: School Holiday Workshops

The Mind Lab offers a range of full-day school holiday camps for your 7-12 year-old, all of which nurture that boundless, unwavering curiosity of theirs! Whether it’s their first session or their fiftieth, they’ll be faced with new, engaging challenges in a supportive, encouraging environment.  

These full-day workshops comprise two exciting activities (for instance Coding and Robotics) and cost $150/day.

Please contact us on 09 815 5808 if you have any questions regarding our school holiday workshops.


October Schedule                                       


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Tell your own story while exploring ideas of movement, expression, storytelling and film-making. Experiment with Puppet Pin tools, stop-motion animation and much more as you get to grips with those behind-the-scenes processes that bring inanimate objects to life!


Learn to code using block-based programming languages, game mechanics and logic-based thinking. Explore the basic concepts of coding using kid-friendly visual programming platforms, while having fun building games that you can continue to experiment with at home.

Electronic Engineering

Spark an interest in electronics by learning the basics of electricity and circuit design, complemented by some fun hands-on challenges. Thanks to advances within the electronics world, wiring and programming circuit boards is easier than ever before! Practice problem-finding, problem-solving and collaboration along the way.


Master the art of storytelling using visual media. Conquer key filming concepts such as directing, filming, framing, composition and editing, and one day you’ll be giving Peter Jackson a run for his money. (Please note: students may not come home with a complete film. We will upload all films to a private viewing channel so parents/guardians can view them at their leisure.)


It won’t be long before we all have a robot in our home helping us with daily tasks. In our robotics workshop, you’ll learn to program a robot to respond to commands and perhaps even carry out automated tasks. Work through design challenges to perfect your creation as we think about how past, present and future problems might be solved through robotics. 

Science & Engineering

Explore concepts such as forces, pressure, chemical change, conservation, human physiology and biomechanics to get ahead in an increasingly science-driven world. Get stuck in with hands-on challenges and exciting games that will stretch your scientific knowledge and wow you along the way. The perfect course for all aspiring Einsteins. 

3D Design

Whether you’re creating a creature or designing a prototype for a new invention, we’ll use 3D design technology to bring your idea to life. Learn to navigate the 3D space and discover the technology that has already begun to play a huge part in our world! (Please note: 3D prints may not be ready until a few weeks after the programme, and occasionally a design may be a little too complex for our printer!) 

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web connects us to people, facts and fun from all over the world. We’ll show you how to design your own content on the web, whether it’s a website for your favourite band, a blog about the best online games or a platform for hosting your ultimate cat videos. Learn how to create the perfect experience for Internet users who are lucky enough to find your content online.

Graphic Design

Using digital tools, photography and typography, we’ll use art for problem-solving, becoming graphic designers as we go! Our soon-to-be-pro artists will experience the process of seeing projects through from concept to reality.