The Mind Lab by Unitec at MOTAT


Add something special to your educational experience with The Mind Lab by Unitec at MOTAT experience, offering learning experiences that support the development of the next generation of makers, doers, inventors and creators who will shape the future with new ways of working, thinking and living.  

The Mind Lab by Unitec at MOTAT offers options for both half and full day experiences for up to 60 students per half-day session. Half day sessions select up to 2 options from the below topics list, while full day sessions select up to 4 options. Alternatively, students can enjoy a half day Mind Lab session plus a half day at MOTAT.

Mind Lab topics:

  • 3D Printing & Design
  • Animation
  • Coding
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Film Making
  • Robotics
  • Science & Engineering
  • Web & Graphic Design


*Pricing for NZ registered schools and pupils. Pricing available for visiting International students.

Mind Lab Half Day (AM or PM)


$13.80 per student

Mind Lab Full Day


$27.60 per student

Mind Lab & MOTAT Combo


$17 per student

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Topic Descriptions

3D Design & Printing

Create, build and print your own 3D design using advanced technology that already plays a huge part in our world. Learn the basic skills required to put them to use in the television, film or computer game industry! (The 3D prints will not be ready until a few weeks after the programme).


Harness stop-motion, digital and 3D animation technologies to bring inanimate objects to life. Tell your own story while exploring ideas of movement, expression, story telling and film-making.


Explore the basic concepts of coding using child-friendly visual programming platforms. Once you’ve mastered the basics, come up with your own creative application of your learning. You’ll be able to keep working on your project from home – giving you time to perfect it and show the fambam how it’s done!

Electronic Engineering

Spark an interest in electronics by learning the basics of electricity and circuit design, complimented by some fun hands-on challenges. Practice problem-finding, problem-solving, collaboration along the way, while developing an understanding of renewable energy sources.

Film Making

Master the art of story-telling using visual media. Conquer key filming concepts such as directing, filming, framing, composition and editing, and one day you’ll be giving Peter Jackson a run for his money. Please note: students may not come home with a complete film. We will upload all films to a private viewing channel so parents can view them at their leisure.


Program a robot, then watch it make its own decisions and carry out tasks without any input– besides your own critical thinking. Work through design challenges to perfect your creation, and learn how crucial robotic design is in the real world with fun, collaborative games.

Science & Engineering

Explore concepts such as forces, pressure chemical change, conservation, human physiology and biomechanics to get ahead in an increasingly science-driven world. Get stuck in with hands-on challenges and exciting games that will stretch your scientific knowledge and wow you along the way. The perfect course for all aspiring Einsteins. World Wide Web The World Wide Web connects us to people, facts and fun from all over the world. We’ll show you how to design your own content on the web, whether it’s a website for your favourite band, a blog about the best online games or a platform for hosting your ultimate cat videos. We’ll learn how to create the perfect experience for internet users who are lucky enough to find our content online.

Web & Graphic Design

Using digital tools, photography and typography, we’ll use art for problem-solving, becoming graphic designers as we go! Our soon-to-be-pro artists will experience the process of seeing projects through from concept to reality.