The Mind Lab: School Holiday Workshops

The Mind Lab offers a range of full-day school holiday workshops for 7-12-year-olds, all of which nurture that boundless, unwavering curiosity of theirs! Each action-packed full-day workshop will cover two future-focused topics. 

$99 per day | 9:15am to 4:30pm (drop off from 8am onwards)

April Workshops

Week One 

TUESDAY 14 April - Calling all Thrill Seekers! - Science & Engineering and Graphic Design

Having fun is an important part of life and it plays a key role in learning. In this Science & Engineering lesson, we introduce the students to the world of physics by having fun while making mini roller coasters. This lesson is designed to teach them about the different forces that are being used when it comes to making a roller coaster that can function. Sticking with the amusement park theme we then move to Graphic Design, where we teach them the tools, ideation processes and what it takes to be a Graphic Design. In this lesson we have them make a brochure, showcasing some of the new rides that they believe could happen in the future. It’s going to be a roller coaster ride of fun and facts.


WEDNESDAY 15 April - Tinker Time - Internet of Things and Animation

This is one of our biggest hits when it comes to lessons, as the title says its where our students get time to explore what they are interested in. In these two subjects we show students how identify and use the tools they will need for these lessons and more. Then we give them time to explore and develop their ideas while having the freedom to tinker, build and test their imaginations whilst developing their problem solving skills.


THURSDAY 16 April - Once Upon a Time - Robotics and Film Making

Enter a world where you can be whatever you can imagine! There are no limits! In these lessons students will let their creativity run wild by coming up with and filming their own fantasy tale and developing/building a robotic creature that can really see!


FRIDAY 17 April - Hide and Seek - Coding and Electronic Engineering

Whether the solution to a challenge is hidden somewhere top secret or right in front of you, our lessons will keep you guessing and wanting to discover more! In our Coding lesson you will learn how to approach a challenge through an algorithmic mindset, and in our Electronic Engineering lesson we will switch gears and take a more hands on approach. The path you choose to forge however is no secret at all. Your curiosity and imagination is the key to any challenge you face!



Week Two

MONDAY 20 April - Let's Dance - Robotics and Electronic Engineering

We like to move it, move it! In this fun lesson, students will programme a JD Robot to follow their very own choreography and create an interactive dance game! This lesson is going to be a blast, we've got programming skills, we've got robots, we've got rhythm- now let's get out there and DANCE!


TUESDAY 21 April - Science of Mindfulness - Science & Engineering and Animation

Today we are seeing an epidemic of over-activated sympathetic nervous systems. In this lesson, students will learn about the nervous system through science, engineering and animation and how they can use this knowledge to improve their own health and stress response. They will create artificial lungs and animate a programme that will assist in breathing exercises that activate the parasympathetic nervous system.


WEDNESDAY 22 April - Wise Words - Coding and Animation

We use words to connect with others, express ourselves and learn new things but have you ever wondered about the hidden meaning behind words? Why do some words elicit such strong responses from us while others elicit no response whatsoever? In today's lesson, we will be covering connotations; both how they are formed and how they impact us. Students will gain an understanding of how connotations represent cultural implications, have social overtones and make us think and feel through creating their own animation about how a certain word makes them feel. We'll also code some very PUNNY sayings in Scratch.


THURSDAY 23 April - Mind Lab Your Own Business

Running your own business can give you the freedom to live the life you want. In this lesson, we introduce students to product development and online marketing principles while making their own business ideas come to life. This lesson is deigned to teach them about basic principles of marketing and include the integration of these components correctly to market a product of their choosing. Continuing on with the business theme, students move to the new venture project where students create a product using ideation, research, planning and prototyping. We have a new venture, we have ads, now let's go on an ADventure!!!


FRIDAY 24 April - Ah-ha! 3D Design and Science & Engineering

Riddle me this... A day filled with fun and excitement while learning at the same time? A challenge many take on, but no one pieces together quite like The Mind Lab. Explore and create the various forms of puzzles in our Science & Engineering lesson and model a seemingly impossible puzzle in our 3D Design lesson. The easiest challenge of them all however? Joining us for a day of bewildering brainteasers and dazzling discoveries!