Tech Toolbox

Want to be more in-the-know with current technologies in the digital world?  Curious about 3D modelling, web design, programming, animation or robotics?

Tech Toolbox offers adults the chance to learn in small groups or independently and gain hands-on experience with creative tech and digital tools.

There are five courses to choose from – or sign up for them all!

Cost: $200 per course | Time: 6pm - 8pm | Each course includes 2 sessions| No experience necessary, have a go and see where your creativity takes you.




Web Design - Monday 16 and 23 September

Learn how to use different types of WYSIWYG sites to build stunning web pages that allow users to navigate with ease.  You will also learn the following.

  • What makes a good site - How to create a good user experience
  • Adding functionality to your site  - Using a WYSIWYG
  • Publishing and updating content - Keeping it current. 
  • Creating a ChatBot that can be used for online customer communication

Animation & Filmmaking - Tuesday 17 and 24 September

Learn how to create digital stories through various different software programs.  

  • What makes a good story 
  • How to structure a good story
  • Choosing a good medium to use
  • The art of Animation - Using different animation techniques that can be used in your film
  • The art of filmmaking - Shot compositions, using the camera to help tell the story

Robotics and Automation - Wednesday 18 and 25 September

Learn the basic principles that make up a robot and learn how to program a robot to perform basic functions. 

  • The basics of programming a robot - Giving your robot a purpose
  • Automation of basic tasks
  • Creating a simple robot 

3D Modeling and 3D Printing - Thursday 19 and 26 September

Learn how to model something from scratch and then how to set up a model ready to print on the 3D printer. Students will walk away with a basic understanding about 3D modeling.

  • Box modeling versus Organic modeling
  • Building a model that has function
  • How to model for a 3D printer
  • The ins and outs of 3D printing 

Programming - Friday 20 and 27 September

Develop a basic knowledge of programming, including an introduction to a few different coding languages.

  • Understanding the languages and the different uses they have
  • Text vs Block 
  • Game Mechanics - What makes a good game 
  • Making a simple game