The MOTAT Education team take pride in our ongoing contribution to education. With over 26,000 students attending our LEOTC and Early Childhood programmes, we would like to share some of the feedback we have received.” 

‘During the lesson I managed to find out how much effort video game makers put in to create such trendy games. I personally education wise found that this helped my creativity mind, so that I may expand my ideas.’ (student comment)

‘The children made connections with the learning in the classroom to what we were doing at school and have continued to do so as we study electricity. The children were also fascinated with the olden days exhibition and have talked a lot about the differences between then and now. And we have 1 group of kids still teaching everyone the Charleston!!’

‘The 'big idea' around communication was very clear. The interaction with artefacts was really good - this can't be done in class. Children engaged throughout the whole day.’

‘It helped to make connections. Clarified that children really enjoyed the unit. It was a fin way to complete our inquiry. It was great for children to use specific topic words throughout out visit. Highly recommend for all educators. Thank you.’

‘The activities reinforced all of the circuit concepts that we had introduced to the students at school. This helped motivate students and gave them a sense of success..’

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