Student Research Tool

The internet can be a great research resource, but it is often troublesome verifying the information you have found.

The MOTAT Education Team are trialling a new digital education resource for our school visitors, designed to enable students to conduct their own research in a discerning and effective way.

There are 3 components available:

  • A Student Led Research Chart to assist students in determining whether the information they have found is valid.
  • The MOTAT Online Collection database lets students research items from the MOTAT collection in more depth.
  • The Padlet Board is a collaborative platform for students to record the information they have found.

The first 2 components are found on the Padlet platform. This is a collaborative resource for students to work with kids from different classrooms and schools to collectively gather information.

Padlet Resource


Please Note

The Padlet tool will be monitored by MOTAT Educators during this trial.

Once a month the Padlet site will be cleared. All research will be archived so students can still access their research.

Any further questions about this resource can be emailed to