MOTAT's new out-of-the-box learning kits offer schools STEM teaching resources for hire within the Auckland region.

Each kit contains a unique set of resources to enrich your curriculum and engage your class with science and technology, supporting soft skills and competency development in the following areas: 

  • Student agency –  encourages students to be self-directed in their study, completing tasks in their own time, deriving their own learning outcomes, and identifying their next learning needs.
  • Collaboration –  encourages students to collaborate to achieve a team goal or outcome.
  • Communication – promotes communication between team members and the communication of outcomes to wider audiences.
  • Resilience – challenges students to design, test, and redesign, to achieve the desired outcomes, encouraging perseverance and developing resilience.  
  • Design thinking – students apply design thinking practices to achieve outcomes.

There are currently three kits available, each accompanied by a website offering, supporting information, and a comprehensive selection of activities. 

Resource Kits Available: 


$200 + GST per week.

Turing Tumble
(Computational Thinking)

$200 + GST per week

Light & Mirrors 

$100 + GST  per week


$100 + GST per week


$100 + GST per week












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