Digital Games School Holiday Workshop

Kids these days are very familiar with technology, in particular playing games like Fortnite. We aim to harness this passion and direct this towards building a viable career in technology.

We say to kids: instead of playing Fortnite all day, come to us and make your own version of Fortnite!

Kids Game Dev is offering a school holiday program at MOTAT for kids to learn to make video games. Whether they are completely new, or have done some form of programming before, they will have the opportunity to learn bleeding edge skills.

Each workshop will cover:

• The fundamentals of game making with a 2D Game Engine
• Basic 3D modelling
• 3D game making using Unity3D - the industry standard for most game developers globally
The objective of the course will be to give the students an end-to-end view of the primary game development activities and provide them with the ability to start making their own games.

Recommended for kids aged 7-16 years old.

7 October 2019 | 10am - 4:30pm (30-minute lunch break) | $120 per participant | Recommended for ages 7 - 16 | Entry through Gate C

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