Workshop Open Days

On your next visit to MOTAT, come behind the scenes and see what the team is up to with our Workshop Open Days. Our passionate staff and volunteers hold talks and tours of the workshop facilities (where accessible) which gives you a unique insight into MOTAT operations.

  • Road Transport Workshop

  • Telecommunications Workshop

    Visit the Telecommunications Department from 10am - 5pm on Tuesdays and hear our passionate volunteers talk about the artefacts on display and demonstrate the interactive items in the display hall.

  • Tram Workshop

    Visit the MOTAT Tramway Section's two workshops all mechanical and electrical tram maintenance and repairs are carried out on MOTAT's operation.

  • Military Workshop

    See the MOTAT Military Section workshop open, military vehicles out on static and active display, living re-enactors in action and military vehicle rides every Third Sunday of the Month for MOTAT Live!