Every Saturday and Sunday.

Weekends of Imagination

What is Weekends of Imagination?

At MOTAT we’re all about hands on learning, that’s why every weekend we are offering interactive activities that aim to inspire your imagination! With themes that change every month there’s always a fun and engaging learning experience on offer!

Weekends of Imagination was created to encourage young minds to think outside the box, so come along to MOTAT every Saturday and Sunday engage with other kids and flex your creative muscles together!


Weekends throughout March: Straw Rockets

 Imaginations will soar with this fun arts and crafts activity when kids construct and launch your own Straw Rocket. 

Weekends throughout April: Force in Motion

An exciting look at the fascinating science and history of one of the world’s oldest toys. Participants can get hands on playing with modern, and traditionally inspired tops as well as constructing their very own spinning top to take away.

Weekends throughout May: Traditional Games

MOTAT, in partnership with Pop’s Games invites participants to step back in time and uncover the magic of play. Experience fun and excitement for the whole family with a selection of traditional games and amusements that are sure to entertain and delight.