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Weekends of Imagination

What is Weekends of Imagination?

At MOTAT we’re all about hands on learning, that’s why every weekend we are offering interactive activities that aim to inspire your imagination! With themes that change every month there’s always a fun and engaging learning experience on offer!

Weekends of Imagination was created to encourage young minds to think outside the box, so come along to MOTAT every Saturday and Sunday engage with other kids and flex your creative muscles together!


Weekends of Imagination Throughout August: Cardboard Creations

Get creative with cardboard this August, at Weekends of Imaginations, Cardboard Creations! Assemble movable animals, characters, and building structures from easy to follow cardboard templates. This hands-on crafts activity offers a fun, engaging, and challenging experience for youngsters.


Weekends of Imagination throughout September: Games Zone 

Little gamers will delight in September’s Weekend of Imagination experience, with a variety of giant games sure to challenge and entertain.  These activities are designed to stimulate and develop mind, motor, and social skills in a fun and creative environment.