Saturday 07 July – Sunday 22 July Time: 10am – 5pm


MOTAT 1 (Great North Road)
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Science Roadshow @ MOTAT

The Science Roadshow is back at MOTAT for the July School Holidays with an exciting lineup of hands-on science experiments, activities, and live demonstrations. This travelling science expo packs in an impressive number of interactive exhibits that will captivate young minds, inspire, and intrigue.

The two key themes for this year’s demonstrations are: Fire and Ice and Am I Living? The demonstrations are approximately 10 minutes long and take place every hour from 11am with the last show beginning at 4pm. Please note these times are subject to change. 

Fire and Ice
Uncover the science behind temperature and learn about chemical reactions. Prepare to be dazzled by chemistry with this exciting and educational live show – but don’t try this at home!

Am I Living?
Discover the fascinating science of biology! This one’s jam-packed with interesting facts about humans, animals, and plants. From engrossing to just a little bit gross, don’t miss this show all about the science of living!

Science Stalls
Youngsters can get stuck into some experiments of their own, trying all the different science exhibits on offer. How do muscle and bone joints work when you ride a bike? Why do you slow down if you hold your arms out while spinning? Investigate sound waves, vibrations, and energy. Have a go with some surprising visual effects, crazy reflections, and tricks of motion. All this and so much more!

Science in a Sec
Be sure to catch this action-packed selection of bite-sized science experiments. Explore pressure, energy, as our presenters take you through these short and snappy science tricks.

The Vocoder
This exciting new installation explores voice changing technology through digital and analogue mediums. Youngsters can experiment by speaking into the tangle of coloured pipes and listening for the technology manipulated result. This fun and unique interactive was designed by the award-winning boutique creative studio, Storybox. !

Don’t miss this fun and interactive holiday experience designed to engage youngsters with STEM based learning, broaden their knowledge and understanding, and inspire an affinity for learning.