The Innovators

The Innovators exhibition celebrates not only the achievements but the entire process of innovation, from conceptualisation to creation, and explores the learnings from setbacks overcome along the way. Here visitors will gain a unique insight into the personal attributes and thought processes of ordinary Kiwis who have achieved extraordinary feats.

Innovators sharing their stories and hard-won wisdom include Peter Beck from Rocket Lab, Ian Taylor from Animation Research Limited, Dr Keith Alexander from Springfree TrampolineGoodnature’s poison-free pest eradication equipment, Hiakai: the story of Monique Fiso – renowned chef and Māori cuisine champion , Lanaco’s respiratory filter masks, made of New Zealand wool, and ARANZ’s Medical laser scanning technology. 

The exhibition explores the personalities and contributions of well-known public figures, and equally importantly, their lesser known colleagues who work behind the scenes but without whom the innovations would not be possible. These teams will motivate young and old to be innovators in their own lives, to tackle the problems they see around them and adopt a new way of looking at the world to achieve their goals and make a difference to society.

The latest innovation to feature in the space is Paul Barron's Woolight sustainable surfboards. 

Visitors will explore the personal and professional attributes that have enabled ground-breaking developments, and explore the journeys taken to tackle real-world challenges. We aim to inspire young and old to be innovators in their own lives, to tackle the problems they see in the world around them, and to practice the good habits of successful innovators.

The exhibition features a range of things to do, including an amazing Springfree Trampoline to try out (recommended for 6 yrs +)