Simply Machines

In the spirit of New Zealand’s proud history of innovation and ingenuity, Simply Machines introduces visitors to the key principles and concepts that are the building blocks of larger and more complex machines. 

This interactive exhibition introduces the wedge, screw, wheel and axle, inclined plane, pulley and lever: the six simple machines that keep the world moving. Hands-on activities and fascinating objects take visitors on a journey of discovery, exploring how these amazing machines make our lives easier and learning the physics behind them.

There are plenty of interactive activities allowing visitors to apply concepts to a real
-life experience. This hands-on approach aims to engage children, foster curiosity, and inspire future learning. Lift friends with a giant lever, link gears on a magnetic wall and use wheels to win a contest of strength.

Discover how Kiwis have combined simple machines with our famous No.8 wire creativity, from traditional Māori tools and weapons to award-winning Ayla Hutchinson, the young Kiwi entrepreneur and inventor Kindling Cracker.

Don’t miss this fascinating exhibition with hands-on learning activities sure to intrigue, inspire, and entertain New Zealand’s future inventors.