MOTAT 1 (Great North Road)
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Parapara/Ingenious: Innovation in Aotearoa

Visit MOTAT’s new exhibition space celebrating Kiwi ingenuity and innovation, one collection object at a time.

Now on display: The Manta5 hydrofoiler XE-1 bike

Discover what it takes to pedal a dream into a reality!

The Manta5 hydrofoiler XE-1 bike is a world first and the first object to go on display in Ingenious.

The hydrofoil electric bike replicates the cycling experience on water using two carbon fibre hydrofoils and a propeller that lift the bike up and through the water. Developed and designed in the Waikato, the Manta5 bike launched in 2020 following years of prototyping and testing. Here’s your chance to see the vehicle that proves you can ride anywhere!


“My crazy idea was a hydrofoil bike which actually meant it was part bike, but it was also part plane.”

                            Guy Howard-Willis, Founder of Manta5. (TedxRuakura, 2018)