Machine Makers

Every day we interact with incredible machines and feats of engineering that make our lives easier.
‘Machine Makers’ is an immersive exhibition showcasing the fundamentals of engineering by examining the six simple machines: the building blocks for more complex inventions.

This engaging exhibition features six big simple machines for visitors to try for themselves. Take a hands-on approach to learning and uncover the physics behind each simple machine.

The special shape of a wedge pushes stuff apart. But can that force also be used to hold things together?

The sloping thread of a screw can twist into wood and even lift water uphill!

Wheel & Axle
Race the hamster wheel and rolling log. Which is faster? Which rolls further?

It’s a race to the top as you and a friend lift yourselves with pulleys. Do more pulleys change the result?

Inclined Plane
A slide is a machine? Learn about gravitational force, friction, and mechanical advantage gained by the simple ramp.

Can you lift your parents? Maybe you can, with a long enough lever.

See amazing examples from MOTAT’s collection of complex machines – things made of two or more simple machines.

With all this inspiration, apply your newfound knowledge and get stuck into making your own creations in the Machine Makers lab.

Building 6 | Normal MOTAT admission fees apply | Recommended for ages 8-12- years