Above and Beyond

Exhibition Extended until 28 April 2019

Explore the evolution of aerospace innovation and technology with an exciting new exhibition touching down at MOTAT this summer.

Presented by Boeing, in collaboration with NASA and the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, ‘Above and Beyond’ will be on display in New Zealand exclusively at MOTAT until 28 April 2019.

This immersive exhibition launches imaginations sky high, stimulates curiosity, and encourages youngsters to expand their horizons with STEM-based learning. Packed with engaging interactives, challenging concepts, and facts, it appeals to visitors of all ages and interests, from school children and families to aerospace enthusiasts and professionals. 

So, gear up and join MOTAT on a journey of discovery and intrigue ‘Above and Beyond’ the realms of what seems possible! The sky is definitely not the limit as we invite visitors to look upwards and examine the past and present of aerospace innovation, and forwards to the possibilities of the future. It’s all about going Up, Faster, Higher, Farther, and Smarter! 


Gallery Highlights:


Imaginations will soar with virtual activities examining the science of gravity and the breakthroughs that enabled humans to take flight. Get ready to ‘Spread Your Wings’ like a bird with the group flying experience utilising motion sensors and computer graphics. Learn about key innovations of flight and the science that makes it possible with the 3-D view interactive, ‘Take Flight!’

Push your knowledge of physics to the limit when you apply aerodynamic principles in the pursuit of ever-faster-flight while designing and racing your own virtual fighter jet with, ‘Full Throttle!’ 

Investigate the challenges of high-altitudes and getting into orbit, and explore the innovative solutions working to overcome these obstacles. Then climb aboard the ‘Elevator to Space’ to experience the breath-taking scenery while learning more about aircraft, spacecraft, and aerospace.

Discover the concepts working to achieve faster and more efficient modes of flight enabling travel to reach farther than ever before. Examine new innovations in space technology and the science of the incredibly strong lightweight materials designed to transport astronauts and advance space exploration. Visitors can even earn a ‘Passport to Mars’ and experience some of the challenges an expedition would face with the augmented-reality experience, ‘Marathon to Mars’. 

Question what’s possible and marvel at the advances in smart technology driving Earth and space flight progress. Have a go at cleaning up the space junk with an interactive virtual challenge which introduces concepts of cutting-edge technology that could shape future travel and aerospace design, as well as help combat pollution.



Celebrate innovation, let your imagination soar, explore the possibilities, and reach for the stars with this inspiring world-class exhibition exclusively on display in New Zealand at MOTAT for a limited time only.