Road Transport

The MOTAT Road Collection highlights the development of New Zealand’s road transport, from the horse-drawn cart to the modern car. The extensive road collection includes over 100 motor cars, horse-drawn vehicles, road building vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles, commercial vehicles and various other items such as cutaway engines, tools, petrol pumps and car parts.

Visitors can view current restoration and maintenance projects at the Road Transport Workshop which is currently in operation on Wednesdays and Sundays.

MOTAT also has a small collection of buses and associated objects such as bus tickets, timetables, signs and maps. By the mid-1920s, most New Zealand tramways authorities also ran some motor buses to carry passengers between tram terminals and new housing areas. Buses eventually replaced the tramway itself and enabled further urban spread.

MOTAT's Bus Collection covers Auckland buses, which operated in the outskirts, connecting with Ferry Services and acting as Tramways feeder services.

Read more about visiting during our Workshop Open Days.

*Please note that only selected collection items are on display. Please view our Exhibitions section to find out more about current displays.