Explore the evolution of printing at MOTAT Great North Road!

Our Print Collection holds objects significant to the introduction and evolution of printing, dating back to the 1930s right through to the latest 3D printers.

Since the first printing press arrived in New Zealand with the Christian Missionaries in the 1830s, print has always played an important role in New Zealand history and can be attributed with the introduction of many of the newspaper media outlets still in existence today.  In the 1830s, the printing press was originally used to print bibles and other related documents with many produced in English and Te Reo Māori

The Print Collection includes our own working printing presses, stamps, duplicators, different varieties of type and old newspapers. The Print Shop is located at the MOTAT Great North Rd site and is in operation by volunteers every Sunday from 10am to 4.30pm, during which visitors can even receive their own MOTAT print shop souvenir.

Print Collection Items

  • The Common Press
  • Adan Press
  • The Arab Machine
  • The Heidelberg T-Platen 
  • The Heidelberg KSD Letterpress Cylinder
  • The Linotype 78


*Please note that only selected collection items are on display. Please view our Exhibitions section to find out more about current displays.