Fire trucks, ambulances and emergency memorabilia, experience emergency at MOTAT! 

The Emergency Collection includes some of the first New Zealand fire-fighting technology, vehicles, and uniforms from various regions of New Zealand. There is also a small collection of photographs.  

Due to the country's rugged landscape, there is a variety of vehicles on show from the Collection each with their own unique purpose and history which tell stories of kiwi ingenuity in rescue and fire-fighting in New Zealand. 

MOTAT has one of the largest fire engine collections in the world. Learn more about the transportation, equipment and technology used to provide emergency and medical services at MOTAT.

Emergency Collection Objects

  • 1867 Shand Mason Manual Fire Pump
  • 1893 Shand Mason "Equilibrium" Engine
  • 1903 Shand Mason 85ft Horse Driven Ladder
  • 1907 Merryweather Motor Pump
  • 1919 Dennis Model N Hose Reel Tender
  • 1927 Halley Simonis Pump
  • 1935 Ford V8 Pump
  • 1937 Dennis "Light Six"
  • 1940 Ford Mercury
  • 1943 Fargo Pump Hose Layer
  • 1948 Leyland Merryweather Turntable Ladder
  • 1955 Dennis Metz 125ft Turntable ladder
  • 1959 FB Holden Station Wagon Control Car
  • 1959 Karrier pump
  • 1969 International Darley Pump
  • 1971 Bedford TK Pump
  • 1971 International CO8190 Snorkel Fire Appliance
  • 1980 Mack Aerialscope


*Please note that only selected collection items are on display. Please view our Exhibitions section to find out more about current displays.