Collection Move

MOTAT Collection Move Project

We are moving! The Museum of Transport and Technology currently houses approximately 20,000 collection objects at our offsite store in West Auckland. Offsite holds both large and small items from the permanent and library collections covering all subject areas including aviation, trams, rail, computing, communications, social history, industrial heritage, road transport and health science. Objects in the collections date from the late 18th century to modern day. Materials include metals, textiles, bone, ivory, wood, paper, plastics, rubber and glass, and library and pictorial items ranging from books, photographs, film, magnetic tape, oil on canvas and contemporary print. The collections are moving to new and improved accommodations in South Auckland over a six month period from September 2017 to May 2018.

This is the largest collection move in the history of the Museum and an opportunity for collections staff to undertake improvement activities including large scale object cleaning, rehousing improvements, and identifying areas of the collections for future conservation treatments.

Other positive outcomes will be:

  • Provision and utilisation of standardised packing materials and storage furniture that will enable objects to be moved and stored in a safe and efficient manner facilitating future retrieval and storage planning.
  • Standardised labelling and location naming conventions which will ensure the security of collection items and their future retrieval.
  • Upgraded storage systems for the textile collection and pictorial items ensuring their long-term preservation and accessibility.
  • Comprehensive inventory and labelling of all hazardous materials in the collection and upgraded facilities for the storage of these materials.

We will use this page to keep you informed and updated of the move progress through the goal widget on the left of this page as we have progress to report. We will also highlight any interesting or unusual items we come across in the collections. There are many so watch this space!