Western Springs Lakeside Park

Western Springs has been a rich and fertile resource for the people who lived here, providing them with food, water, and essential materials. It is believed Auckland was first settled around 1350 by Polynesian explorers who later became the Māori and their population in the area is estimated to have reached 20,000 before the arrival of European settlers.

The Western Springs Park and surrounding land was originally purchased by local farmer William Motions from local Māori and by the 1870s Auckland was growing rapidly. In 1877 a Pumphouse featuring a beam engine was built to provide Auckland with a sustainable water supply. In 1910, the Pumphouse was replaced by other water sources and by 1961 the Auckland Council had established the Western Springs Park. In the park’s history, it had accommodated a motor campground in the 1930’s and American military camp during World War 2.

The park is now 26 hectares of gardens, wetlands, lake, rehabilitated native forest, and open space and it the venue for the annual Pasifika Festival - the South Pacific's largest Pacific islands community event.