World War I

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To commemorate the 100 year Anniversary of the First World War, and the New Zealanders that served in it, the Education team has developed two programmes. These give students an understanding of some of the technology of the time and the relevance of historic events in the current day.   


Discover how WW1 ANZAC troops communicated with each other at Gallipoli and the Western Front. Explore the role of censorship and the importance of encryption during WW1.

Try using Semaphore, Heliographs, Signal Lamps, Morse code and other fascinating methods of communication that were in use 100 years ago during WW1.

Learning Areas: Social Sciences, Technology

Years & Levels most suitable for: Y1-8, Level 1 to 4



A variety of original primary and secondary sources from the First World War have been uncovered from MOTAT’s archives and will be available for students to view and interpret. Guided research will be undertaken by students allowing for greater understanding and to expand on initial close readings, bringing to life these stories of New Zealand men who went to World War I as pilots.

Learning Areas: Social Sciences, History

Years: Y7- 13 


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