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Engagement is the key with Tinkering at MOTAT!

Tinkering is a style of open ended hands-on informal learning following the principles developed from the ‘maker culture’ and allows students to undertake some highly engaging activities. Designed to capture imaginations and minds, the experience is available to provide the ‘cool and wow’ factors that are hard to replicate in the school environment.

Students will explore the principles involved in building, testing, observing, altering and reflecting.

Tinkering experiences can be customised and achieved with simple objects. The self-directed learning process uses range of resources and encourages students to develop possible outcomes in the form of constructed models.

Teachers can choose from our range of programmes that include a tinkering aspect, such as:

  • Digital Gaming (Game Maker programme) – use the design thinking process to design, test, modify and perfect a digital game to release on the global arcade.
  • Lifehack programme– start with a simple everyday object and give it a new purpose through redesign and modification.
  • Invent-a-Machine programme – use everyday stuff to build a cool ‘Rube Goldberg-est’ machine. Everyone loves these things!
  • Wind Tube (Fantastic Flight programme), creating flying objects to explore the principles of lift and weight.
  • Scribblebots (Revolutionary Robots programme), putting together a basic electrical circuit which moves the scribblebot around a piece of paper to make patterns with pens.

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