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The MOTAT Education team is very proud of what we achieve and 26,000 students attend our LEOTC and Early Childhood programmes.

We have included a sample of the feedback we receive and will expand this over time.

Lynfield College who visited MOTAT last year as part of their Graphics course contacted us to re-book for this year. They updated us with the following message:

4 students from the Graphics class who participated in the entrance design project achieved scholarship in Graphics. This means they were in roughly the top 5% of New Zealand. One of those students gained an ‘outstanding’. This is the first time that we have had any scholarships in Graphics. Thank you very much for your contribution to the success of the project. It made a big difference to the students to have a project based in the real world, and to be able to show their work to someone invested in the outcomes.

Teacher, Lynfield College

Thank you so much Melissa. You were great! The students were buzzing after the session led by you. We have bought packs from MTA that kids can use to make some simple transport vehicles. Thanks for motivating them to learn more. Today the kids wrote about their visit and also started to research information about simple machines, gears, levers and pulleys. They are working on putting together a Google presentation of what they learnt at MOTAT in the classroom.


This was an excellent programme that was well targeted to all children. Children were highly motivated and engaged.

Comment from visiting school in July.

Just wanted to thank you for the first MOTAT trip. After receiving the feedback from the teachers, it exactly the type of trip we wanted for our students. They really enjoyed. Thank you so much!

Teacher, Ponsonby Intermediate


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