Before you book any MOTAT Education Programme we strongly suggest you view our videos about the Programmes and read the “Planning Your MOTAT Visit” guide which contains answers to frequently asked questions and access to a pre-filled RAMS form.  You can also download the relevant teacher pack from the website to support your booked Programme. Book your class visit to MOTAT today.

All LEOTC Programmes can accommodate a maximum of 30 students and require a minimum of 20 students per session or the minimum charge of $100 will apply. We can accommodate a maximum of 120 students per day per school over a maximum of 4 sessions.


The following charges apply to all MOTAT Education Programmes:

  • School Groups - $5.00 per child, ALL supervising teachers / adults are free of charge.
  • Early childhood groups - $5.00 per child (0-5 yrs old), ALL supervising teachers / adults are free of charge. 

    *For an ECE group the maximum number of sessions per pre-school is 2 with a maximum of 15 children in each session*

  • Teacher Trainees are free of charge.
  • Special needs groups are free of charge
  • A Minimum Charge of $100 per booked programme for all LEOTC Educational Experiences applies.

Booking Process

By following the steps below you can provide a MOTAT learning experience for your students:

  • Book Programme with MOTAT
  • Book your you transport
  • Receive confirmation and MOTAT Teacher Pack
  • Send trip notice home to families
  • Fill out and return, “Vital School Visit Information” form
  • Book a pre-visit to MOTAT (if required)
  • Check all health and safety issues addressed and signed off by your School Management
  • Discuss programme details and Learning Goals with a MOTAT Educator
  • Receive class timetable one week before your visit
  • Confirm transport and parent helpers
  • Please bring attendance details and accounts form on the day

Cancellation Policy

All bookings will incur an Administrative Fee of $75 if cancellation notice is less than 5 working days prior to visit date. If the booking is postponed for another date in the Term then the charge will not apply.