Design Thinking draws upon imagination, logic, creativity, and problem solving. 
In this programme your students will flex their design-thinking muscles in the animated world of digital gaming. 
Using a design process, students will troubleshoot arcade style games – discussing what elements are good, what are bad and what could be better. The creativity begins when students use their new understanding to build their own digital game, using glyphs to create hazards and challenges, when they think they have it right – they have to let the other students play and critique their creation! Students can work by themselves, or the class can work collaboratively to design and build an epic game. 

Minds On

Use the design thinking process to create a unique digital game, using glyphs to create hazards and challenges. Gain empathy by testing pre-existing games, then use this new understanding to ideate and develop your prototype game.

Hands On

Play and critique each other’s games and then use the feedback to further improve your creation. There is also the opportunity to experience a range of digital and electronic games from the past and present.


While on site, students will continue to engage with the digital technology and gaming theme through our ‘Get Smart’ exhibition and the MOTAT GameMaker! trail. 

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