Auckland Tram No. 11 (c.1902)

Auckland Tram No. 11 (c.1902)

Auckland Tram No. 11 (c.1902)

No. 11 decorated for the 1952 Golden Jubilee of trams in Auckland, Graham Stewart, Walsh Memorial Library collection, MOTAT. 

As one of twelve, tram No. 11 arrived by ship from London in June 1902. It was one of the first electric trams to go into service on the Auckland tramway, where it served for fifty years.

Like the other twelve trams, No. 11 arrived as a kitset. Manufactured by the Brush Electrical Engineering Company, the trams were assembled at the Jervois Road workshops in Ponsonby and begun working shortly afterwards. No. 11 continued to operate on Auckland routes until 1952, when it participated in the Auckland Tramway's 50th Jubilee, before being retired.

The Auckland tramway system finally closed in 1956 and from 1959, No. 11 functioned as a classroom at Auckland Zoo. In 1972, the Auckland City Council donated the tram to MOTAT, where it was restored to its 1912 form. The panel sides, a later restoration, were replaced with tongue and groove timber, as it would have originally had. It was also painted in the green and cream livery that it had from 1907.

During special events, No. 11 travels between MOTAT's two sites, and remains New Zealand's oldest operating electric tram.


Type:                   B Class   
Manufacturer:   Brush Electrical Engineering Company
Country Manufactured:      England 
Assembled:    Ponsonby Depot, Auckland
Date:   1902
Service Period:   1902- 1952
Seating:   52
Truck:   Brush D1 4 ft 8 in gauge
Motors:   2 x Brush 1200 (until 1930 then 2 x GE283)
Controllers:   Brush H2 (until 1917 then GE K11)