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Weekends of Imagination

What is Weekends of Imagination?

At MOTAT we’re all about hands on learning, that’s why every weekend we are offering interactive activities that aim to inspire your imagination! With themes that change every month there’s always a fun and engaging learning experience on offer!

Weekends of Imagination was created to encourage young minds to think outside the box, so come along to MOTAT every Saturday and Sunday engage with other kids and flex your creative muscles together!




February: Operation Counter Attack 

Engage in a number of interactive games. Each game is designed to foster thoughtful analysis of a situation and encourages kids to think more than one step ahead of their opponent. This experience is designed with the concept of a ‘Counter Attack’ and will require strategic and critical thinking by the participants. The games aim to demonstrate how thoughtful analysis of a situation can determine successful outcomes across a broad range of activities. The games will include, classic table top strategy games, an airsoft shooting gallery, village games, giant chess, and ‘GO’




March: Harakeke: Flax Workshop

Explore indigenous innovations in relationship to flax, particularly flax weaving.

Every weekend for the month of March we are collaborating with Mangere Mountain Education Centre where you can come along to MOTAT and discover the traditional method of harvesting harakeke with Mangere Mountains Master Weaver. Learn how to prepare harakeke (flax) for weaving, and hand weave basic harakeke items such as putiputi (flowers), ika (fish), whetu (star), and poroporo auhoaraa (friendship bracelet).