30 September - 15 October 2017



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On The Right Track

Take a journey into Auckland's transportation past these holidays at MOTAT as we explore the different ways people got from A to B in days gone by. From manpower to horsepower, steam to internal combustion and even electrical power, see and experience working examples of machinery from the MOTAT collection as you uncover some of the ways transport has changed over time, and the impact this has had on our city and our lives. With heritage tram rides, awesome hands-on activities and much more, be sure to join us for an action-packed experience - jam packed with fun for the whole family!

Holiday experience activities Include:

Pre-industrial transport:
Challenge your friends to a giant game of horse-shoes as you learn about transport in early Auckland, when horsepower had a much more literal meaning. Industrial Transport: Battle the clock as you race with or against your friends in an exciting coal shovelling challenge, and discover how steam power changed transport forever.

Modern Transport:
Design and build a model bridge, then put it to the test as you explore how the invention of the internal combustion engine changed the shape of Auckland’s transport networks.

The Future?
As fossils fuels become less and less sustainable, a new wave of electric vehicles are beginning to promise a cleaner, greener future. Experiment with electrical circuits as you uncover the story of electric vehicles, from their surprisingly early beginnings, to where they might take us in the future.

“On The Right Track” Board game trail:
Collect!... Complete!... Play! Visit and complete all the “On The Right Track” activities to collect the pieces and build an awesome board game to take home. Don’t forget to stop by the MOTAT Meeples activity to create your own custom playing pieces!


General admission applies for entry to MOTAT Holiday Experience activities.