Sunday, 26 November 2017


MOTAT 1 (Great North Road)
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Time Travellers' Convention

Get ready for an exciting gambol through the decades at MOTAT’s Time Travellers' Convention on Sunday 26 November as the Museum transforms into an interactive timeline of pop-culture, technology, and entertainment.

Embark on a nostalgic journey back in time while stopping off in different eras for a taste of its unique technologies, fashion, music and food. The expedition begins in the steampunk-themed portal to pick up your “Time Travel Passport” and instructions from the “Time Wardens” before heading off.

Visit 2004 as the “Lord of the Rings” takes the world by storm at the glittering Academy Awards Ceremony. This is your opportunity to share the red carpet with the trilogy that put the country in the centre of the international stage and famously transformed New Zealand into Middle Earth.

Reminisce about the nineties with its key pop-culture moments and celebrate the gaudy fashions, iconic arcade games and music of the eighties. If neon and shoulder pads are your passion then this is just the era for you!

Try your hand at crafting your very own lava lamp in the groovy seventies lounge or participate in the anti-war protests of the sixties. Unleash your inner flower child and make a daisy chain as you join the hippie movement in the decade where peace, love and rock and roll ruled.

Puff out your poodle skirt and pull up your bobby socks before meandering through the 1950s streetscape with its vintage market stalls and makeup demonstrations. Then it’s back to 1945 to explore a period classroom celebrate the end of war in Europe.

Get a glimpse of nineteenth century life in the MOTAT Village as you watch the Bread Maker and Blacksmith hard at work in the forge or take a moment to enjoy the Beatrix Potter story time and vintage games on the lawn.

Be sure to grab stage-side seats to the exuberant cabaret while sojourning in the time of the flappers, gangsters and molls. It’s the roaring twenties so indulge yourself in the decadence of the music, dancing and fashion of the era. 

Whatever your style, there is a period for you! Whether Gandalf is your mentor or “The Lion King” your favourite movie of all time, there is something special in store for the whole family to enjoy as MOTAT repeats history at the Time Travellers’ Convention.


10am – 4pm.

General admission applies.

  • Steampunk costumes at MOTAT