Sunday, 2 April 2017 10am - 4pm


MOTAT 1 (Great North Road)
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Science Street Fair

This is your chance to experience the science behind glowing bugs, solar telescopes and the universe as you meet the scientists who are expanding New Zealand's scientific boundaries.

Some of New Zealand's leading scientists will be at MOTAT on 2 April for this annual event.

See a range of scientific wonders, be engaged, exhilarated, and entranced by:

  •          Photons and some seriously excited electrons – the lasers are back!
  •          Actigaze: who needs hands to browse the internet?
  •          Menger Sponge: make a 3D shape with infinite surface area and zero volume.
  •          Foldscope: use an origami microscope to explore the micro world!
  •          Chemistry Magic Show: witness heat, light and a sprinkling of chemical magic.


Plus Nano Girl, Michelle Dickinson will also be at MOTAT on the day!


The whole family will enjoy this science-themed day out with its hands-on activities and exhibits.

General admission applies.



  • Lab Testing at Science Street Fair

  • Photon Factory Team

  • Photograph taken by the light of glowing bacteria

  • Zombiebot at Science Street Fair

  • Glowing Bacteria

  • Science Street Fair