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The Idea Collective

The Idea Collective is a dynamic, evolving and collaborative project – MOTAT's contemporary innovation space. It brings together a diverse set of innovators, artists, designers, and technologists to create exciting displays and experiences that celebrate New Zealand's vibrant innovation culture. With walls lined with innovation themed murals from Cinzah Merkens, Milarky/Dside, Aaron Glasson & Celeste Byers and LaurenYS including projection mapping from Puck Murphy, the Idea Collective is a place where visitors are inspired to innovate.

The Idea Collective experience is made up of two components; 3D Printing technologies and Curious Critters Club AR Experience.


Innovation today has allowed advancement in printing technologies. With 3D printing technologies, we can produce three-dimensional objects that are exciting, fun and of course, useful. 3D printing is so powerful it can create almost anything. Various industries have implemented 3D printing to their manufacturing processes, from civil and military aeronautics to jewellery making. This can result in significant cost and time savings, design and customisation freedom and a decreased carbon footprint – to name a few advantages of this manufacturing method.
Come and observe the MakerBot Replicator 3D printer at work every day. Highlighting the brilliance of this emerging technology, you can watch the 3D printer lay down successive layers of material from the bottom-up, slice by slice, until a solid 3D object is created


Augmented Reality (AR) is here! AR can help you to visualise furniture in your home before you buy, and solve problems like being able to measure real-world objects and even allowing you to simply point your device to the sky and identify stars, planets, constellations and satellites. The Curious Critters Club @ MOTAT augmented reality experience blends the real world with computer graphics and virtual objects – this is your chance to experience what is the next big thing in computing.

How to Join in!
Visit MOTAT’s Idea Collective and download the Curious Critters Club app from Google play or the App store. (Or scan the QR code below). Then just follow the instructions within the app to get playing. Perhaps you’ll find those mythical creatures by the historic Pumphouse or in the MOTAT village? The more critters you find, the more amazing information and content you’ll unlock. Can you find all 25?!


 Scan the QR code below to download the app






Curious Critters Club has been created as a co-production collaboration between New Zealand’s Yoozoo and La Boîte à Pitons from Montreal, Canada. The project was made with the support of NZ On Air and the Canadian Media Fund.