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Bye Bye Beetle

This is the remarkable story of Ivan and Beth Hodge.

In 1961, the newlywed couple bought a brand new Volkswagen Beetle in London for £439. They loved the car so much that they decided to drive it back to New Zealand as part of their Honeymoon.


During that journey from one end of the world to the other, they drove around Europe, through Spain, Portugal, France and Yugoslavia. From there, they continued through the Middle East and on to India where they caught a cargo boat from Calcutta bound for Auckland.

35 years later, they decided do it all over again! So off the Beetle went in a container ship back to London to their original starting point.  Their story has been captured in their book, For Love and A Beetle and by mainstream media all over the world such as the Daily Telegraph, ABC TV, TV New Zealand and Radio NZ.


The Beetle has been donated to MOTAT and is currently on display. 


Find out more about Ivan and Beth’s adventures as captured in their book ‘For Love and a Beetle’ by visiting their website.